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Simon Greenstone Panatier Bartlett, PC is a nationally recognized trial law firm.  We are trial lawyers who have built a reputation for creative and aggressive representation of our clients nationwide.  Our ability in the courtroom translates to litigating any kind of serious complex matter.  We handle cases all over the country in a wide variety of practice areas, including mesothelioma and other toxic torts, dangerous pharmaceuticals, products liability, general catastrophic personal injury/wrongful death, and serious commercial litigation. SGPB is on the cutting edge of trial work across the country, and we are often the firm that other law firms retain to handle their most serious cases.  We provide compassionate representation of all of our clients and have the skill, determination and resources necessary to stand up to the largest defense firms and corporations in the country.

One of the primary goals at Simon Greenstone Panatier Bartlett is to provide quality representation for  individuals and families who are affected by various types of cancer.  Regardless of the cause or the type, a diagnosis of cancer can be devastating to an individual and family.


Over the years, through study, research and close relationships with medical personnel, SGPB has compiled a wealth of information that we want to share with you  in the hope that it may be useful to you or your family if you are dealing with cancer.


Please note that we are not medical doctors, and the material provided is informational in nature only.  Please consult your own medical provider regarding any and all elements of your care or the care of a family member.

Each year millions of Americans are injured due to the negligence of others. This includes those injured from toxic substances, dangerous products and unsafe pharmaceutical drugs.


It also includes those catastrophically injured  from commercial trucking collisions, bus wrecks, aviation disasters, and other preventable tragedies.

It is critical that members of the public understand and have access to resources that allow them to protect themselves and their families from the negligent conduct of others.


It is our hope that the resources we have assembled will provide assistance to you and your family as you are endeavoring to provide a safer environment in which to live.


Every time an attorney stands in front of a jury, he or she is asking members of the community to give their time to be a part of the justice system. At SGPB, we feel that it is our responsibility to give back to the community.  It was this sense of responsibility that lead us to create the





A scholarship fund established to provide educational opportunities to students whose lives have been impacted by cancer.


In addition, there are countless organizations that are helping to fight cancer and helping those who are in need.  We hope that the information provided here will be a useful resource to those in need of assistance.



Our lawyers handle cases across the country. We are equipped to represent you in any state and federal court.


We have amassed a highly successful track record of courtroom victories. For more information on our results, view our track record.


SGPB's trial practice covers a wide range of cases including but not limited to products liability, asbestos, pharmaceutical litigation and commercial litigation.

SGPB is acutely aware of the devastating  impact cancer can have on a family. This impact can include crippling financial burdens that can affect the future plans of every family member. It is for this reason that  SGPB wishes to announce the establishment of the


Simon Greenstone Panatier Bartlett Scholarship

Benefiting Families Impacted by Cancer


This scholarship is annually awarded to high school seniors who want to go to college, but who have suffered financial hardship due to a cancer diagnosis, either in themselves or a close family member.


For details, qualification standards and to apply, please follow the link below.


Simon Greenstone Panatier Bartlett Scholarship Fund


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Our trial attorneys are ready to represent you vigorously from the start of the discovery phase of your case all the way to trial, appeal and recovery.  If you have a valid case, we will use our own resources to prosecute it to the fullest extent. We look forward to helping you in your time of need.


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