About Simon Greenstone Panatier Bartlett, PC

Simon Greenstone Panatier Bartlett, PC (SGPB) is a trial law firm experienced in representing victims of complex legal disputes, including severe injuries and death due to hazardous substances and dangerous products. SGPB also handles serious complex commercial disputes. The firm was built on a shared passion to diligently and compassionately serve each client through every step of the legal process. SGPB Law’s experience is shown by their highly successful track record in plaintiffs’ litigation.

Meet the SGPB Shareholders

At SGPB, you’re served by an experienced trial and litigation team that works with the shareholders to win significant financial compensation for victims. These million and multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements hold negligent parties accountable while putting pressure on them and all companies to be responsible in their consumer safety and business practices.

The attorneys and staff have a broad range of experience covering areas of practice that include some of the most complex legal battlefields such as mesothelioma litigation, pharmaceutical litigation, and other high profile catastrophic injury cases. This same intensity and legal experience benefits SGPB clients who are faced with complicated multi-million dollar commercial law disputes requiring highly skilled trial attorneys.

The Ability and Heart to Serve You

The mesothelioma attorneys and trial lawyers we’ve selected to be a member of our team must demonstrate:

•A committed desire to help others
•The drive to see each case from start to finish
•Type A, self starting, hard working personalities
•An unwavering drive to excel combined with exceptional talent, seen through academic and previous case experience
•Compassion for those suffering and in crisis
•Our lawyers have a personal vested interest in helping their clients win.

The Resources to Master Large and Complex Cases

Most dangerous product lawsuits such as mesothelioma cases involve multiple defendants. Asbestos product manufacturers, distributors and employers often share responsibility in the exposure of victims. We’ve won cases involving as many as 60 defendants, and have the comprehensive resources to organize, investigate, and try large, complex cases nationwide. The same complexity is often found in the very large commercial law dispuits requiring the experience and track record of our trial lawyers.

The Experience You Need

Mesothelioma cases require a huge scope of both legal and medical knowledge, and each of our attorneys brings experience to your case. Together, we possess the ability, knowledge and drive to master the requirements of each phase of the legal process. View our Practice Areas section for other diseases and situations relevant to our firm.

Counsel on the Issues You’re Facing

As a mesothelioma victim or family member, you’re likely needing advice beyond the legal details of your case. Our years of representing asbestos exposure clients has given us close experience with issues our clients face such as dealing with medical expenses, and how to find qualified medical care. The same holds true for victims unknowingly exposed to other dangerous products such as Benzene, Gadolinium, Four Loko as well as breast implants.

We’re here to provide you with competent, compassionate counsel.

What it Takes to be a SGPB Attorney

When we strive to win you financial compensation we never lose sight of the value of compassion. We are committed to making the legal process as simple and as effective as possible and put great effort into accommodating your needs.

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