Listeria Outbreak Linked to Imported Cheese

The Centers for Disease Control reports that 14 people have been infected with listeriosis as the result of a multi-state outbreak that has been linked to imported cheese. The cheese, Frescolina ricotta salata cheese, has been connected to listeria cases in 11 different states.

The cheese was distributed to retailers by Forever Cheese, Inc., and the distributor officially recalled one lot of the product on September 10, 2012. Consumers are urged neither to eat recalled Frescolina cheese nor to purchase soft Frescolina cheeses cut, crumbled and sold through individual retailers.

As of September 12, 2012, the investigation into the listeria outbreak is ongoing. However, the Food and Drug Administration did confirm the presence of the listeria monocytogenes bacteria in a sample of the Frescolina cheese. The recalled lot of cheese was distributed to 18 different states and the District of Columbia between the dates of June 20 and Aug. 9.

Listeriosis is a dangerous food borne bacteria that the CDC links to an average of three to four outbreaks every year. Just last year, the CDC confirmed a listeria outbreak related to cantaloupes, which resulted in 147 infections and 33 deaths.

In relation to the Frescolina soft cheese outbreak, all 14 of the individuals affected thus far have been hospitalized, and three are confirmed to be dead. However, officials report that additional cases may be confirmed if more illnesses are reported across the country.

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