Mesothelioma Legal Process

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Because of the power and financial resources of some of the many companies and employers responsible for asbestos exposure, it’s imperative that you seek qualified legal representation immediately after receiving diagnosis of an asbestos-related disease or illness, such as mesothelioma. Our mesothelioma lawyers concentrate on such cases, and have more than enough means and ability to try your case in a courtroom, though many of our clients settle before or during the trial.

Our attorneys handle cases all across the country, and we have an excellent track record of receiving favorable verdicts on our clients’ behalf. We work diligently from our Texas and California-based offices to handle your case wherever it may be.


We understand that battling mesothelioma is an expensive process, and would never expect our clients to spend their money on legal fees while medical bills are piling up. That’s why we are a contingency-based law firm that will only charge you a fee if we receive a successful settlement or verdict for your case. You’ll pay nothing from consultation to trial until you receive a judgment or settlement for your loss and damages. So don’t let your financial circumstances keep you from holding negligent companies responsible for their actions.


Once we examine your case, our lawyers will thoroughly inspect every last detail using a team of investigators.

Upon determining the correct source or sources of your asbestos exposure, we’ll file a lawsuit against each responsible source.

You can expect to wait up to a month and a half to receive a formal response from each defendant. At this time, we’ll plan a deposition, which allows you to present facts about your health and losses. We’ll film the deposition, and the defendants will have the option of asking questions at this time as well. Though the deposition is not a trial, a recording of the deposition can serve as your testimony in trial in the event that you are unable to attend or testify.

Once a trial date is set, we’ll build-up a solid case with the full intention of trying it until we reach a verdict. In addition to your testimony, we may ask others who are close to you or who are related to your case to testify. For example, we may ask your family doctor to testify to your health prior to developing mesothelioma, and we may ask your oncologist to testify to your current health and prognosis. We’ll use these testimonies along with case evidence to prove that you have suffered both financial and non-monetary losses.

Following your trial, you’ll receive a case verdict. If the verdict is in your favor, you’ll receive a judgment determined by the court. If the court does not rule in your favor or you feel you’ve received an inadequate judgment, you’ll have the opportunity to appeal your case. Our firm also has an experienced appeals team that can help you move forward with this process if you so choose.

Any point in this process from start to finish may become interrupted if you receive and accept a settlement from a defending company. A settlement is typically an amount of money offered to you to avoid going to trial. Though we may advise you on settlement offers according to our expertise, whether or not you take a settlement is up to you.

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