Products Liability Law

Holding Companies Responsible for their Actions

Manufacturers, companies and employers should hold the health and safety of their customers and employees with higher regard than profit and bottom-line. While some are responsible and try to provide safe products and working environments, some are willingly negligent, exposing others to hazardous products and chemicals that could cause serious illness and even death.

Such practices are reckless and irresponsible, and companies and employers who participate in this carelessness should be held accountable for their actions. Companies are 100 percent responsible for the marketing, contents and design of their products, and failure to take proper precautions and warn of potential risks can result in injury or death.


Everyone has the right to know the dangers that their environment and the products they use expose them to. That’s why product liability laws are in place to help protect you from the pain and suffering those dangerous products may cause you. These laws entitle you to a fair warning before being exposed to such danger. If you haven’t been adequately warned, you can take matters into your own hands when others place your health at risk by suing companies for compensation of losses associated with their negligence.

In the past, many companies made and sold dangerous products without regard for the people whom they might harm. Product liability laws were developed to help to product consumers from dangerous products, such as Four Loko beverages, breast implants, benzene, gadolinium based MRI contrast agents and asbestos. Companies that irresponsibly produce or exposed people to such products must pay for the losses they cause.

At our law firm, our attorneys have extensive experience handling product liability cases and know what it takes to bring those responsible for product-related harm to justice. We’ll speak up for you and your rights throughout the litigation process. Big companies and corporations don’t intimidate us, and we have many years of experience fighting for the rights and compensation of others due to dangerous products.

Let us guide you through this process as your advocate. Not only will you be calling on manufacturers and companies to answer for their wrongdoing, but you’ll also take a stand for product safety – forcing businesses to respect the well-being of consumers and employees.

If you’ve been harmed after drinking Four Loko, or if you developed mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos, acute myeloid leukemia after exposure to benzene, nephrogenic systemic fibrosis after exposure to GBCAs, anaplastic large cell lymphoma after receiving a breast implant, or Stevens-Johnson Syndrome following consumption of ibuprofen, or if you have otherwise been seriously harmed by a dangerous product, contact us today. We may be able to help you recover payment for your losses.

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