Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis

Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis, or NSF, causes fibroids in the lungs and diaphragm that can obstruct breathing. Symptoms of the disease include joint pain in the hips and rib cage, as well as loss of strength, and fibroids in the abdomen and thighs. Some people who suffer from NSF may also experience raised yellow spots on the eyes that impair eyesight, as well as a tight thickening, darkening, burning or itching on the skin. In fact, some symptoms that present in the skin may become so severe that they hinder movement. Unfortunately, NSF has no cure, and the disease may lead to death as it progresses.

Researchers have associated NSF with gadolinium-based contrast agents, or GBCAs, that have been used for medical scans such as MRAs and MRIs. Common GBCAs include ProHance, OmniScan, OptiMARK, MultiHance and Magnevist. Each of these is dangerous and is known causes of NSF. In fact, the companies that generated each of these GBCAs knew that they were hazardous and could pose danger to the health of patients suffering from renal failure who received them. Though GBCAs are still in use, the FDA requires a warning on their packaging showing that GBCAs can cause life-threatening illnesses for which there are no cure.

Because the companies that produce GBCAs failed to warn patients of the risks of using such drugs, our law firm is compelled to guide patients who developed NSF throughout the process of pursuing recompense. Our NSF lawyers give special attention to each case, and have the best interest of our clients at heart. Contact us if you or someone you know have developed NSF after being exposed to one or more GBCAs, and you want to find out if you could qualify for financial compensation for your pain and anguish.

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