What to Look for in a Food Poisoning Attorney

If you have been the victim of food contamination, you need to form a legal alliance with a food poisoning attorney. However, finding the right lawyer is about more than finding someone who is licensed to represent you. So what exactly should you look for in a food poisoning attorney?

Experienced in Trial Law

The legal team you choose to represent your food borne illness case should have a background in trial law. You do not want to hire a lawyer who is not prepared to pursue your case to the full extent of the law. Though many food poisoning cases settle outside the courtroom, your representation should be prepared to go to trial.

Focus on Food Safety

The law firm you choose should have experience in food safety and food borne illnesses. Firms with dedicated food safety practice areas will better understand the needs of their clients and will have more experience in food contamination cases. If you wouldn’t take your child to the pediatrician for dental work, why use just any attorney to represent your food contamination case?

Proven Record of Success

Your legal representatives should have a proven record of success. You want a food borne illness attorney working for you who has a history of achieving favorable settlements and judgments for his or her clients.

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